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Super Thanks & Cheers To Team Routt Dems State & District Delegates and National Delegate Erin Biggs

Spring winter storms can’t stop Team Routt Dems!  Super thanks and cheers to our outstanding Team Routt Dems State and District Delegates for sharing their totally fantastic voice and energy at this weekend’s Colorado Dems State and District Conventions and Assemblies.
And, we are gigantically excited to announce that Team Routt Dems Delegate Erin Biggs was elected by Congressional District 3 Delegates as a Senator Bernie Sanders Delegate to the Democratic Party National Convention!  Erin’s fabulous message and cheerful enthusiasm both energized and inspired CD3 Delegates!
We are also excited and proud of Secretary Hillary Clinton National Delegate Candidate David Ferry for his wonderful voice and awesome energy at the CD3 Convention!  David almost made it it to the National Convention; and, is an outstanding representative for all of Team Routt Dems!
Team Routt County Dems - both Hillary and Bernie supporters - are excited, proud and Feeling the Bern for Erin as she represents Routt County and Colorado in Philadelphia!
Check out some fun and cool pics by clicking on Team Routt Dems facebook link - at the bottom of this email :)
Your Team Routt Dems Delegation started their journey by be being elected by their Precinct (at the Routt Dems Caucus) to our County Convention/Assembly.  This exciting journey continued when they were elected at the County Convention/Assembly to represent Team Routt at State & District.  This fun, energizing, inclusive and transparent process included presidential preference votes at every step.
Plus, super congrats, thanks and cheers to Team Dems outstanding candidates elected at this weekend’s State and District Conventions and Assemblies to represent the Democratic Party:  United States Senator Michael Bennet, U.S. Congressional Candidate  Gail Schwartz, University of Colorado Board of Regents At Large Candidate Alice Madden, Colorado Senate District 8  Candidate Emily Tracy and Colorado Representative (HD 26) Diane Mitsch Bush!

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