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2024 Routt County Democratic Party Caucus, Assembly and Convention
Saturday, March 9th, 2024

Registered prior to 5pm Fri Mar 8: Sign-in time: 1:30pm
Saturday registration: Sign-in time: 1:00pm (Really better to register early!!!)
Once you're signed in on time, you can grab a coffee

and come back to your screen at 2:00pm
Caucus starts: 2:00pm PROMPT

Why Caucus?

  • Great fun and meet your neighbors!

  • Colorado’s process for major political parties to select candidates for the Primary Election.

Why Combine Caucus & Assembly?  Isn’t This Different than Previous Years?
This is a new opportunity to give more of our fantastic Team Dems a chance to join the fun, participate and share their voice.  And the good news is we can have a lot of attendees in our Virtual Room - ski in the morning; caucus in the afternoon! 😊
Why Do I Need to Register in Advance Then Sign In Early?
Caucus & Assembly takes a lot of organizing and planning; and, Team Dems Credential Committee needs to confirm all attendees are eligible* to Caucus.   
What Will Happen at the Combined Caucus, Assembly and Convention?

  • Get energized and excited for Election 2024!

  • Hear from Team Dems totally fantastic candidates.

  •  Democratic  Primary Election Ballot. Vote for Dems County Candidates to be placed on the 2024 Democratic Primary Election Ballot.

  • Select Delegates to State and District Assemblies and Conventions.  Assembly Delegates will then vote for state and district candidates to be placed on the 2024 Primary Election Ballot.  Convention Delegates will vote for National Convention Delegates.

  • Sign up to be an Election Judge and/or Poll Watcher.

  • Submit and vote for platform items for the Dems Platform.

  • Meet your neighbors, volunteer to be a Precinct Organizer, and help select other Precinct Organizers.

  • Sign up to Volunteer to share your great energy with Team Dems.

How Long Will a Combined Caucus/Assembly Last?
Don’t forget to register in advance and sign in early on Caucus/Assembly Day. We will start promptly at 2pm and are targeting 2 – 2 ½ hours depending on the number of platform resolutions.
* Who is eligible to Caucus?

  • You need to have lived in your precinct and be registered as a Democrat at least 22 days prior to Caucus/Assembly.  

  • 16 and 17 year old Dems are also eligible to Caucus/Assembly!

2024 Caucus Platform Resolutions

The 2024 draft Colorado Democratic Party (CDP) Platform is available for reference here:
Please review the draft platform before making any submission. It is possible your item is already contained in the draft in exact or similar terms.

Please complete the form by March 3, 2024

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